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IT Recruitment

At hireplace.it, we tailor our IT recruitment services to your specific needs, offering flexible solutions on either a success-fee or retainer-fee basis.

Our process is streamlined for maximum efficiency and security. Once we gather all necessary information, our services are geared to find the ideal Candidates in just 5 workdays.

When you select the perfect specialist, the Candidate is employed directly through your company, assuring clear rules, safety, and a quality guarantee.

Trust our services to provide the most secure recruitment solution for your business requirements.

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IT Body Leasing

Explore the flexibility and ease of our IT Body Leasing, an integral part of our IT recruitment services.

With a convenient monthly-fee structure based on the working hours and a simple B2B agreement, you can effortlessly integrate our top-notch IT specialists into your project for the time you need.

We provide a tailored selection of contractors with transparent hourly rates, so you find the right fit for your team. With only a 1-month notice period and no concerns about employee service, simplify the hiring process for your utmost convenience.

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IT Body Leasing


    IT Recruitment Leasing

    Discover our specialized IT Recruitment Leasing, tailored to suit businesses with multiple open recruitment projects.

    Through our exclusive IT recruitment services, you can lease a dedicated recruiter to focus solely on your company's needs. We take care of all employee aspects, from work coordination to skill development, motivation, and result measurement.

    Utilizing state-of-the-art recruitment tools, we guarantee exceptional performance. Engage with our IT recruitment services to unlock a seamless recruitment experience, exclusively crafted for your unique requirements.

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    IT Recruitment Leasing

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      Clients recommendations


      Lior Tal

      CEO @ Kaholo


      Magdalena Habicht

      HR Business Partner @ erli.pl


      Oren Yakobi

      Head of Software Engineering @ Beewise


      Karol Mroszczyk

      Founder, Software Development Company


      Marek Krotiuk

      Technical Team leader, Pawscout Inc.


      Head of Operations, SaaS Company


      Lior Tal

      CEO, Kaholo


      Co-Founder & CTO, Supply Chain Tech Startup


      Karol Jedruszek

      Team Leader, VIATechnik Sp. z o.o.


      Piotr Szpak

      Director, Starling Web Engineering Ltd


      Ewa Wilk

      Head of Talent Acquisition, BaaS Company


      Michal Stein

      HR & Operations Manager, C2A-Security


      Jörg Sitzenfrey

      Co-Founder; Managing Director

      Cooperation with hireplace is fantastic!

      Efficient communication makes that we can act very quickly and we are always aware of the recruitment and sourcing stage. One of the most important and distinctive thing is that hireplace is very successful in our hiring process and they are always care about Kaholo’s EB.

      I sincerely recommend partnership with hireplace!

      erli.pl has been working with hireplace.it on Full-stack Developer recruitment projects.
      From very beginning our cooperation is very successful and Candidates are delivered very fast. The company distinguishes itself from other agencies with its excellent knowledge of the IT industry, great understanding of our needs, and whats the most important- the high quality of the presented candidates. The level of conducting recruitment projects is very high thanks to a professional approach which is guaranteed by constant contact and extremely efficient communication.

      I want to thank you for your outstanding service.

      You have demonstrated impressive professionalism both in terms of quality and speed.

      While other agencies have hidden behind the "Work from office" excuse and failed to deliver, you've just kept the candidates coming and made it look easy.

      I can assure you that you will be the first we will turn to once our next positions will be opened.

      Rather than following a one-size-fits-all model, hireplace.it tailored their recruitment strategy to meet our unique needs.

      hireplace.it helped us hire three qualified candidates who seamlessly integrated with the firm's teams and remained to make significant contributions to their respective projects.

      Moreover, the client lauded the vendor's efficient hiring process and ability to find suitable resources.

      We were most impressed with their effective communication.

      hireplace.it presented qualified candidates quickl, helping us successfully and effortlessly fill three vacant positions. The team communicated regularly through email and was highly receptive to feedback.

      Their efficiency and strong understanding of our requirements stood out.

      The hireplace.it team has been very proactive and responsive to our questions and needs.

      hireplace.it actively assists in the hiring process, resulting in the onboarding of one QA engineer and screening for React developers.

      Their expertise in the Polish market is beneficial for the procedure. Customers can expect a responsive and professional team.

      We’re very confident in the candidates hireplace.it provides.

      hireplace.it has recruited 10–12 development resources for us over two-year partnership. They consistently deliver to our specific requirements, even on shorter timelines.

      Most communication is through email and phone calls — hireplace.it has excellent project management.

      I was impressed with their great candidates and speed of delivery.

      hireplace.it successfully found a software engineer. The team managed the engagement effectively. They quickly implemented and cleared all stages, ultimately delivering a great candidate.

      Overall, the partnership was highly successful.

      They were always responsiveand we always knew where we were at with every candidate.

      We successfully hired four software developers with hireplace.it's help. The team managed the engagement well, delivering tasks on time and executing tasks flawlessly.

      Moreover, the speed at which they delivered high-quality candidates was impressive. Overall, the partnership was a success.

      We were impressed with their excellent communication and structured process.

      hireplace.it quickly provided a list of qualified IT consultants that aligned with the our needs, filling the necessary positions within just a few weeks.

      Excellent communication and speed of delivery were the team's main focus.

      We were impressed with their efficiency in finding the right talent for our needs.

      hireplace.it greatly helped our recruitment processes, allowing us to hire more people in a shorter timeframe.

      The adaptable team demonstrated a keen understanding of tour requirements. Their efficiency, responsiveness, and strong follow-through stood out.

      I admire their personal treatment, detailed and professional responses, and quality candidates.

      Thanks to hireplace.it, two out of three positions were filled within a reasonable time. The vendor's candidates were highly experienced, meeting our expectations.

      We were pleased with the service provider's team's personal treatment and professional responsiveness.

      They presented very good quality candidates.

      hireplace.it has done what we've expected. They have an effective workflow and a well-established communication process.

      In the end, their solution-oriented service resulted in high quality candidates.