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Now you can control you expenses and find out what is the cost of recruitment process. Please fill this short form to get estimation in 24h.

    question markWe charge our recruitment fee only when you hire our Candidate. In any other cases- our recruitment activities are free of charge.* question markWe charge about 20% of potential fee on the beginning of searching activities. Last 80% we would charge when you decide to hire our Candidate. The whole fee (retainer) is lower about 33% compering to success-fee
    question markDuring this period of Candidate's work when any party will terminate a contract- we will repeat recruitment proces and hire next Candidate (on the same position) free of charge.In months

    question markPlease let us know if you would like to outsource recruitment project only for us or you will work on the same recruitment project with other agencies.

    We will estimate your recruitment project in 24h

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