We successfully built an IT team from scratch for Kaholo, a start-up in the field of new and innovative technologies, to work on their own DevOps automation project.

The genesis of our partnership involved meticulous consultation regarding the intricate details of the IT job market and the complex landscape of employment law in Poland, ensuring Kaholo was well-equipped to navigate the local industry dynamics.

Post this insightful consultation, our next strategic move was to delve into the recruitment phase. Our recruitment team was able to efficiently identify and onboard a selection of highly-skilled professionals ranging from a capable Team Leader, proficient nodeJS Programmers, and versatile Full-stack JavaScript Developers, to specialized DevOps experts, meticulous testers, and charismatic Developer Advocates. This cohesive assembly was tailored precisely to meet the unique requirements of our client’s innovative project.

Our fruitful collaboration with Kaholo spanned over a period of 2 years, during which we provided them with a grand total of 12 consummate professionals, each bringing their own unique set of skills and expertise to the table. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege working alongside Kaholo, witnessing first-hand their project gradually metamorphosing from concept to reality.

Client: Kaholo

Project size: $50,000 to $199,999