Our recruitment team had the pleasure of assisting C2A Security, a progressive Israeli startup from the automotive security industry, in establishing their IT team in Poland. This international venture was an opportunity for us to showcase our proficiency in team-building and workforce management.

The journey with C2A Security was an intricate process involving several stages. We not only understood their technical requirements but also provided them with comprehensive support throughout the hiring process. Our commitment extended beyond just locating suitable candidates; we also provided expert guidance on employment standards, formalities, and cultural nuances in the Polish job market.

Our diligent efforts bore fruit, and we were able to successfully recruit an IT team that aligned with C2A Security’s vision and requirements. We brought on board a Senior Full-stack developer with proficiency in Node.js and React. Additionally, we hired two meticulous QA Engineers to ensure the quality of their products and services.

The successful completion of this project has filled us with immense pride and satisfaction. We have not only achieved our objective but have also helped C2A Security in their journey towards expansion and growth.

Client: C2A Security

Project size: $10,000 to $49,999